Region of Centre / Department of Cher

The Naturetum is located in the very heart of France, about 170 km south of Paris, in the area known as Sologne. Here the nature is preserved in recognition of its huge biodiversity as well as of its importance for migratory birds (over 3,200 lakes). Over 200 species of birds, over 40 species of mammals, over 30 species of fishes, etc., are endemic to Sologne, where forests cover 75% of the lands. Deers, boars, goats, hares, ducks, swans, geese and many others live in a very rich, highly diversified flora. In the Naturetum alone, you will find about 40 million trees and bushes representative of many thousands of different species. The Naturetum experimental planting add another 2,700 closely monitored species, hence 20,000 specimens distributed along a carefully designed network of more than 70 alleys.

No visit without an appointment, but upon a mail request to tailor-made tours can be organized, with a guide and an admission fee.