Located in Sologne (the Leonardo da Vinci second home) ~130 hectares of lands & 11 hectares of waters~20,000 specimens of trees, shrubs, plants monitored one by one and representing ~2,700 species & varieties Qualified as a Naturetum® by l’Homme & la Nature.

A unique concept, the Naturetum®

l’Homme & la Nature is a non profitable organization created in 1975.
L’Homme & la Nature Mission is to promote biodiversity, and to reconciliate nature and humans, through the development of a nature-respectful environment.

In that spirit l’Homme & la Nature elaborates rules to follow and issues to address for those who want their space to qualify as a Naturetum®.
Since 1989, our Sologne project complies with l’Homme & la Nature requirements and qualifies for the label Naturetum®.
“In the mad rush that Humans have engaged with Nature, with the climate changes and the uprising of seas in the background, it is essential to favor for each endemic or introduced species the greatest possible genetic variability.
This is why we prefer specimens grown up from seeds rather than cultivars and other clones.

Grafted or layered or cutting-originated subjects are limited to a few genus (Rosa, Camellia, ...).
We search for specimens of as much different origins as possible, grown from seeds collected in “genetically rich” environments.
After confirming that the candidates do not pose a risk to the existing flora (such as having an invasive or dominant behavior, carrying fire risks, etc.), we try to introduce each plant species in numbers and implement each species in various biotopes, making benefit of the numerous environmental conditions available within the Sologne Naturetum.
For other living species such as mushrooms, mammals, insects, birds, etc., our ambition is to identify and monitor species endemic to, or visiting the Naturetum”.

So here stands our Sologne Naturetum, a unique piece of preserved lands and waters, with many unique endemic living species and many flying visitors from all over the World!
If you want to help in planting, caring, pruning, collecting seeds, classifying or in any other way, please liaise with us.
But, sorry, no visit without an appointment, Mother Nature must not be disturbed. However, tailor-made tours can be organized, with a guide and an admission fee. Contact us to visit!